Sydney Dance Company

Wednesday, OCT 23


Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall



2 One Another--Choreographed by Rafael Bonachela
Running Time 60 Minutes Without Intermission

“The kind of musical, dynamically diverse and physically challenging work dancers long to perform.”
– The Age (Australia)



Australia’s leading contemporary dance company, Sydney Dance Company, returns after a six year absence under the new artistic leadership of Rafael Bonachela, formerly an acclaimed dancer and choreographer with London’s Rambert Dance Company. His high- energy choreography is realized fully with his 2 One Another, a multi-dimensional work that weaves a vivid and sensual study of human interaction. Set against a pulsing, pixelated backdrop, Bonachela’s riveting 2 One Another charts the myriad actions and reactions, gestures and relationships, connections and disconnections that make up a life.