Arts for All


Arts for All tickets are available for all White Bird performances.  



*Tickets are sold on the day of the show, first come first serve, at the venue's box office.
See below for more details. This page will be updated the day prior to the show with performance availability details.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who can buy $5 tickets?


Anyone who qualifies for and has a valid Oregon Trail Card. (We cannot accept cards from other states).

Where & when do I get $5 tickets?


Tickets are available 2 hours prior to each performance in PCPA facilities and 1 hour prior to each performance at Lincoln Hall.  White Bird Dance Series and Exclusive Event tickets will be sold at the Portland'5 box office, 1111 SW Broadway.  Uncaged performances held at Lincoln Hall will be sold at the Lincoln Hall Box Office

How many tickets can I buy for $5 each?


Two per Oregon Trail Card per dance company presented.

How do I buy the tickets?


You must show your Oregon Trail Card at the time of purchase and pay with cash or credit card. SNAP credit on the Oregon Trail Card cannot be used for purchasing concert tickets.

What tickets can I buy?


You may purchase tickets to all White Bird performances in the 13/14 season.  Tickets are limited to availability and restricted to Price Level 3 and 4 seating.


Who else offers $5 tickets?


For a full list of organizations, please click here.


About Arts for All


In January of 2011, twelve of Portland’s classical music organizations, operating under the auspices of Go Classical PDX and convened by All Classical 89.9, announced a pilot project called "Music for All" offering $5.00 tickets to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) card holders.


Preliminary numbers for the six-month pilot program totaled 1,410 tickets used.  Funding for the program was provided by the Regional Arts and Culture Council, Work for Art and the City of Portland.  Plans immediately began to include additional arts organizations in the next iteration of the program and to expand it beyond classical music. The result, "Arts for All" was launched on October 3, 2011.


Go Classical PDX is an association of classical music organizations in the Portland tri-county area that shares and coordinates resources to ensure the public's access to and awareness of a wide range of traditional and alternative classical music events by breaking down barriers, real and perceived, to participation and by advocating the public good created by Portland's vibrant classical music offerings. Go Classical PDX is convened by All Classical 89.9.


Arts for All is sponsored by: City of Portland, Work for Art, Regional Arts and Culture Council, All Classical FM and the Oregon Department of Human Services.